Friday, January 13, 2012

...Here We Go!

...Welcome one and all to the newest blog from the folks that brought you Gingerology!

Nothing But a Bunch of Huey (NBABOH) will be just that; pretty much anything and everything rattling around in Huey's noggin at any given time... the only thing that will NOT be posted here is stuff regarding Ginger Rogers... THAT of course, is reserved for Gingerology...although, I'm sure her name will pop up here once and awhile, y'all...
The first few weeks will be just 'setting up shop', as it were...but there will be at least 3-4 'running features' on this site, including:

NBABOH Nonsense, which will be VERY random thoughts and unusual sentences which hopefully conjure up a bit of amusement for y'all... feel free to comment or add to the proceedings of utter confusion...

NBABOH Movie Quotes, which will be form Hu's fave movies - quotes that are pretty cool/funny/poignant...and for the most part, NOT the 'obvious' ones we all know...well, maybe a FEW of those will sneak in there...

NBABOH Song Lyrics, the fave lines form Hu's fav tunes (that's a LOT, y'all...I'm pretty much into anything and everything musically...) this one will be an 'interactive' feature, where you can post a line or two from one of your favorite songs, no matter the genre or decade...

and, NBABOH Pictures, which are at a bizzaro level unto themselves...

ALL of these features will appear on the left-hand side of this page... and every 3-4 days, new ones will be posted (the date will hopefully allow for y'all to 'keep up'...)...BUT, all of the 'previous' data will appear in the 'archives' sections, accessed by the buttons at the top of the page.
Also, some of my fave video clips, most, if not all, from YouTube... these may be archived, but not sure as to the amount of memory or whatever allotted by the Blogger folks for this, so... we'll see.

Some of y'all may know I am a hot sauce aficionado, with a collection of well over 600 sauces... so I'll be yapping about that quite a bit as well.
Also, REVIEWS about anything and everything... most likely record reviews, probably of the 'classics'... that's my era, y'all...but any new stuff of interest that appears from the 'old folks' (such as Van Halen's impending new CD...) will also be fair game.  Sorry, no GaGa or Beyonce here...

Also movies (classic genre there, fer SURE... may well be not unlike Gingerology's treatment, with less of the 'formalities' of film info...), TV shows (American Idol will probably get some runs here...I used to REALLY do the reviews for those shows, back when folks from my region (Birmingham) were in the running...(i.e., Ruuuuben Studdard, Bo Bice, and Taylor Hicks....a virtual "who's who" of "Where are They Now?"))
And, just a bunch of...well, HUEY... any issues happening here or abroad... so in that sense a BIT like Facebook, but without all the folks crawling out of the woodwork that you have been avoiding all these years...
And, of course, ANY suggestions for the site are VERY welcome!  This thing is for y'all as much as myself.... only one rule, same as for Gingerology...we are at WORST a 'PG' site here, so...keep it clean, please... y'all are great about that, anyway!
OK - well, I'm going to be 'tweaking' this for the next few days, to get it going (I'm pretty retentive regarding the 'appearance' of the blog...) ...and of course, ANY suggestions will be intensely considered by the don't be shy!!!

In the meantime, y'all just bear with us and "NBABOH" will be up and at 'em in no time!!!!


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