Tuesday, July 10, 2012

...Perpetual Movie Quotes Post...

THIS feature will also be a 'running deal', listing memorable movie lines, most likely from the 'Golden Age' of Hollywood, which to me is 1930-1945-ish... although I'm sure a lot of 'newer' films will find their way into the proceedings... the lines may be pretty familiar, but we are REALLY looking for those 'hidden gems' that aren't generally part of the lexicon of pop culture... but, hey, if you dig one of those, feel free to post it!
AND, any contributions by YOU will be greatly appreciated as well! Just post a comment to this page...the only rule, as aforementioned in various locations, is to 'minimize' questionable language (i.e., would you feel comfortable saying it front of your preacher, teacher, and/or mama) - and if a line DOES contain one of these, please just use the ol' "*****" technique... thanks in advance for your efforts concerning this matter.

SO...Here We Go!!!

 January 13, 2012
"...We'll show 'em a thing or three!" (Ginger Rogers as Honey Hale in "Flying Down to Rio", just before her and Freddie crank out the Carioca routine [ Y'all just KNEW VKM would kick off the proceedings here, right? ] )
"...Oh, Nicky - I love you because you know such lovely people..." (Myrna Loy as Nora Charles in "The Thin Man", at the 'high point' of the Charles' Christmas Party)
"...Mrs. Legendre to you, you halfwit!" (Jean Harlow as Lillian 'Lil' / 'Red' Andrews Legendre in "Red-Headed Woman", when one of the 'old neighborhood' guys calls her 'Lil')
"...But this is a little girl's bike...this is for a little GIRL!..." (Jonathan Winters as Lennie Pike in "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World", when having to ride said bike on a desert highway)
"...these go to eleven..." (Christopher Guest as Nigel Tufnel in "This Is Spinal Tap", describing his amp volume dials)

January 19, 2012
"...yes, but there’s some men out there fooling around with ropes and things…would you ask them to stop?" (Katherine Hepburn as Terry Randall in "Stage Door", during rehearsal for the ‘calla lilies’, and missing her ‘entry cue’)
"...that’s Franc-en-steen..." (Gene Wilder as Dr. Frankenstein in "Young Frankenstein")
"...You DO hate me, don’t you, Johnny?" (Rita Hayworth as Gilda Mundson Farrell in "Gilda", in referencing the most complicated type of hate there is…)
"Look Dave - I can see you’re really upset about this..." (Douglas Rain as the voice of HAL 9000 in "2001: A Space Odyssey")
"...I’m going to be a lady if it kills me!" (Jean Harlow as Kitty Packard in "Dinner at Eight")

January 27, 2012
"...Good Morning…What we have in mind is breakfast in bed for 400,000…" (Hippie headknocker Wavy Gravy in "Woodstock")
"...I’m a drunkard…" (Humphrey Bogart as Rick Blaine in "Casablanca", when asked what his nationality was)
"...Now I want you to remember that no bas**rd ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bas**rd die for his country…" (George C. Scott as General George S. Patton in "Patton")
"...Oh, what sad times are these when passing ruffians can say ‘NI’ at will to old ladies…" (Eric Idle as Roger the Shrubber in "Monty Python and the Holy Grail")
"...Aren’t you a little short for a stormtrooper?" (Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia in "Star Wars (Episode IV: A New Hope)", when Luke breaks her out while incognito)

February 2, 2012
"...PAIN…" (Mr. T as Clubber Lang in "Rocky III", when asked for his prediction for his rematch with Balboa)
"...Insanity runs in my family…it practically gallops…" (Cary Grant as Mortimer Brewster in “Arsenic and Old Lace”)
"...How could I have known that murder could sometimes smell like honeysuckle?" (Fred MacMurray as Walter Neff in "Double Indemnity")
"...Frankly, Miss Piggy, I don’t give a hoot.” (Kermit the Frog in "The Muppet Movie")
"...It’s a system all my own…" (Claudette Colbert as Ellie Andrews in "It Happened One Night", discussing her ‘method’ for flagging down a ride)

February 11, 2012
"...You’re gonna need a bigger boat…" (Roy Schneider as Sheriff Brody in "Jaws")
"...I don’t care WHO the father is… I’M the GRANDFATHER!" (Charles Colburn as J. B. Merlin in "Bachelor Mother")
"...No, Mr. Bond…I expect you to DIE…" (Gert Frobe as Auric Goldfinger in "Goldfinger", in response to Bond asking him if he expects him to talk…)
"...The Claw chooses who will go and who will stay…" (Little Alien Critter in "Toy Story", when Buzz Lightyear gets stuck in the ‘crane game’ booth at the pizza joint)
"...That’s your misfortune…" (Clark Gable as Rhett Butler in “Gone With the Wind”, after Scarlett tells him she loves him)

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