Thursday, April 12, 2012

Friday the 13th? In APRIL?? REALLY???

...dang, y'all... let's just all sleep in tomorrow and reconvene on Saturday...  ...April and I just DON'T get along...

Well, regarding this blog...I am 'streamlining' this operation right cheer and now... as you may have noticed, I've 'deleted' the 'feature' stuff on the left-hand side... not that those ideas will TOTALLY disappear, it's just that the format regarding all of that was WAY too...'structured'...which a 'free-form blog' does not relish in... but yeah, every now and then I'll throw out some favorite lyrics, and goofy thoughts, movie scenes, etc... and I'll keep the 'pages archive' set up for posterity.

OK - well, guess everyone has Titanic on their mind, for good reason...folks have been pretty fascinated by that tragic tale ever since it happened a century ago...
I remember when I was, oh, 9-10 years of age, I was pretty big into building scale models... I assembled the Titanic, and it was really quite cool (although I painted the hull red, for some weird reason...still looked pretty cool...and I guess by the looks of it above, I was at least half-right...) well, wouldn't ya know it, it pretty much met the same fate as its actual inspiration, as my grandma was cleaning the mantle it was displayed on, and it ultimately ended up at the bottom of the proverbial ocean (hardwood floor, that is...) Oh, well - no known casualties in that event, at least...  Here's the wiki page on Titanic, which is really quite informative:

Titanic Wiki page...just the facts, pleez...

My little girl is gonzo over Titanic - the movie... she and my wife went to go see the 3-D version a week or so ago, and loved it... it's a good movie - saw it twice in its' 'original run'...but I would have liked to have seen a bit more 'backstory' on the actual building of the thing...decisions made, and how it was slapped out so quick... I saw a documentary on it a few days ago, and they said at least eight workers died in the process of construction... OSHA, can you hear me?

Well, OK - not a bad little post, I guess... I'm going to try and get something over here at least every few days, if not EVERY day... but it's gonna be free-form, y'all... not that that's really any different than anything else on the web, but... hey, it sounds...RIGHT, y'know?

Later, folks...


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