Saturday, April 28, 2012

Huey and Mrs. Huey...

...are headed to the Van Halen concert! We bought tix for the August 8th show in Birmingham, Alabama... she kinda 'owes me one', after I went to the Kenny G concert with her a few years back (which WAS a lot better show than I thought it would be....but still NOT VH...) This will be my 4th VH show - I saw the 1984 tour, the 5150 tour, and the 'Right Now' tour... if that means anything to you at ALL.

Now...for those who are not familiar with the 'nuances' of a Van Halen concert, yes, it is loud, brash, a bit bawdy, and a bit 'potty-mouthed' in spots, but overall, it's a VERY energetic experience, quite unlike anything else...  of course, the dudes are not quite as young as they used to be, but, they're still sounding pretty good. In fact, here's a (long) video of King Edward doing his 'solo', which is generally the 'centerpiece' of a VH concert...dude can still slap a heap of notes together at once, no?
...well, another interesting aspect of this concert will be the audience, which will generally be a bunch of dudes in their mid-40s who drug their wives along with them... but that's cool, since generally the WORST part of a typical concert is the goofballs in the crowd that are usually drunk, high, and/or mentally irregular to begin with (extra points for whoever knows where that phrase came from) - hopefully folks this time around will be a lot more 'mellow'...

Until next time...

Hu (a.k.a. Huey Halen)

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