Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013, y'all!!!

...well, maybe an INKLING (whatever the heck THAT is)... but really just posting to wish everyone out there a great 2013, and with that, here's hoping this particular blog will gain a bit of traction with folks... I might put a few 'up front' links to it over at G-ology, just to remind folks it's here...and hopefully I can ramp up the proceedings here just a bit as well... I'm thinking this will ultimately become a 'classicfilm' blog and/or a 'classictunes' blog, with assorted junk thrown in here and there...

I'll resume the tunes on Tuesdays and Saturdays from this point forward, and may even add some other stuff, maybe a feature about my fave actresses not named Ginger Rogers... of which there are QUITE a few, actually... so, that's cool...  kinda thought about that when I did the Lucy post on G-ology awhile back, and was 'aided' by Ms. OGRE's awesome Julie Andrews post a bit ago... here's a few of my fave actresses now...well, at least one of my fave PICS of two actresses... this one is a quintessential 'caption this photo', for sure...any entries are welcome...
Sophia... have you met Jayne? oooofffAHHHH!!!!

...well, there's really just nowhere else to go after that pic, so...stay tuned for new posts and 'features' for this blog...and tell your friends!!! ...or for that matter, your enemies!!!

Until then,

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