Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Big Band Tuesday #4 - A String of Pearls by The Glenn Miller Orchestra

...y'know, Tuesdays really 'sneak up' on me... well, anyway... WELCOME to the fourth installment of of the Big Band tunes Huey is fond of... this week, we have...a String of Pearls, performed here by Glenn Miller Orchestra...
...just an awesome tune, y'all... really catches the true essence of 'Big Band',  with the different horn 'lines' weaving within the melody, the neat 'bridge' in the middle with solos... in fact, if I had to pick a tune to 'introduce' someone to Big Band, this one would be a VERY likely candidate...of course, 'In The Mood' is arguably THE quintessential Big Band tune, but...y'all are pretty familiar with that one... as you may well be with this one, but... just in case... enjoy!
Well, hope everyone has a great Holiday Season... I will probably keep these posts 'on track', but over at G-ology, I will be slaving away on the Roberta review, which WILL be completed...SOON...

Until then,


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