Friday, December 14, 2012

Super Seventies Saturday #4 - Smoke On the Water by Deep Purple

...well, not sure if you knew this was the logical 'stream of consciousness' process that would unfold or not, is... from the song 'Deep Purple' to the rock group 'Deep Purple', and their signature tune, 'Smoke on the Water'... which, in 'rock circles' is almost taken for granted, it's so ubiquitous... but truly one of the 'all-time' guitar riffs, which anyone who ever picked up an electric guitar ultimately picks out on it (myself included)... the song tells a 'true story' of how the dudes were in Montreux, Switzerland recording tunes, when the big old hotel they were staying in went up in flames... it was near a lake... thus, 'Smoke on the Water'... sometimes the best tunes are written from actual events...
...and yes, there is a cool connection between the song 'DP' and the band 'DP'... when the band 'DP' was starting up, they were searching for a good name for themselves... and one of the dudes had a grandma who had to be pretty cool, probably baked cookies and stuff for them... and also cool because the song 'DP' was one of her favorites... so much so that she always asked them if they were going to perform the song 'DP'...well, no, not really (although it WOULD have been pretty cool if they did a version of it...) - well, even though they knew the tune wasn't going to be in their repertoire, they DID dig the sound of the name 'Deep Purple' for the there you go...

OK, hope everyone is having a great Holiday season!

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