Saturday, December 1, 2012

Super Seventies Saturday #2 - Diamond Girl by Seals and Crofts

...this tune is a fine example of how early 70's music blended jazzy blues style with basic rock-pop... to great effect!

I remember as a kid listening to this tune on the radio, and it being in the middle of July... I evidently had a transistor radio (er....look it up, kids...), because I remember riding my bike around while hearing it, under the blazing afternoon sun...and how the phrase 'Diamond Girl - You sure do shine' seemed to correlate well with that sun... so, it's a 'summer tune' for me, anyway... but I dig the bass lines to it, the horn section, which was prevalent in many tunes from the era...and a very well-placed jazz-tinged guitar solo at the end... just pretty cool stuff. These cats were trained musicians, as I remember, so they knew more than the average bear regarding arrangements...

These are tunes I grew up with, and are pretty cool in that they recall a 'time and place' for me, which is something music is really good at...doesn't even have to be a 'memorable' place...just a bike ride in the afternoon sun... and although this is 'Super Seventies', there may be a 'fudging' of the time frame from time-to-time, as cool tunes present themselves...

Hope you enjoy...and I do take requests! :-)

Until later...


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